100 Things That Are Low Key Important

I feel like I write too many negative posts, so here’s a list of 100 things that are low key important to me.

1. Watermelon
2. Pugs
3. Cat toe beans
4. Walking
5. Shoppers optimum points
6. Not having a hangover
7. Salad
8. Young Johnny Depp
9. Writing
10. Listening to old songs
11. Laying naked with someone
12. Ripped jeans
13. Mangoes
14. Not wearing makeup
15. Wearing makeup when you wanna
16. Sleep
17. More sleep
18. Sad songs
19. Happy songs
20. Road trips
21. Not picking a scab
22. Not scratching a new tattoo
23. Salsa
24. The feeling of not having a sore throat anymore
25. Hugs
26. Forehead kisses (sometimes)
27. Jalapenos
28. Homemade food
29. Long distance friendships
30. Supporting local bands
31. Morning tea/coffee
32. The first bite of your favourite food
33. Parks
34. Laying in fields in the middle of the night with someone
35. First kiss with someone new
36. Smoothie bowls
37. Wine
38. Avocados
39. Letting go
40. Visiting your parents (if you like them)
41. Birthday cake
42. Young Marilyn Manson
43. Stick-n-poke tattoos
44. Seeing your favourite band for the first time
45. When the person you like texts you first
46. When your new shoes don’t hurt your feet anymore
47. Cats
48. Finding money on the ground
49. Honesty
50. Sunshine
51. Occasionally having days where you don’t leave your bed
52. Crying
53. Laughing
54. Growing with your friends instead of growing apart
55. Clean bed sheets
56. Forgiving but not forgetting
57. Going to new places
58. Unplanned nights
59. Vodka
60. Art
61. How clean your hair feels after you wash it
62. Baggy sweaters
63. Random drunk walks home with someone
64. Listening to a good album on repeat
65. Sucking in the helium from balloons and laughing at your own voice
66. Being able to laugh at yourself in general
67. People who tell you you look good even when you know you don’t
68. Chia seeds
69. Catching up with old friends
70. Visiting places from your childhood (in good ways)
71. Accepting who you are as a person
72. Occasionally having a regretful night because hey, no one is perfect
73. Pretty lights
74. Sour candy
75. Showing someone your favourite movie
76. Getting paid more than you expected
77. Watching the sunrise
78. Watching the sunset
79. When you first lay in bed after a long day
80. Acoustic versions of songs
81. Beaches
82. Telling someone you love them for the first time
83. Papaya
84. Pajama pants right out of the dryer
85. Binge watching an entire TV season in one day
86. Glitter
87. Always being yourself
88. Holding hands
89. Drunk belting out the words to a song with someone
90. Dancing
91. Waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you still have hours to sleep
92. Halloween
93. Deep life talks
94. Flowers
95. Cheesecake
96. Breakfast sandwiches
97. Seeing someone you care about living their dream
98. Fresh air
99. Meeting someone you instantly get along with
100. Having half ass blog posts written for when you don’t have any fresh ideas for a new post


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