VLOG: Reacting To Songs About Me

So as much as I love writing sometimes I just don’t have the time, and sometimes some things are just better done as a video. So, here’s my first attempt at a vlog. Excuse the fact I look awful and keep playing with my hair. I’ve had this idea for a few weeks and was honestly stressing about even filming this. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy me being an awkward human and let me know if you’d like to see more vlogs!


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24 Songs I (Probably) Wouldn’t Skip On Shuffle

In honor of turning 24 and being too hung over to move, here’s 24 songs I probably wouldn’t skip while my iPod was on shuffle. Music videos included for the most part, because who doesn’t like dying in bed while watching music videos? Anyways, here are some swanky tunes, in no order. (Just kidding, my music sucks.)

1. Black Lips – Family Tree

2. The Front Bottoms – Twin Size Mattress

3. Ariel Pink – Dayzed Inn Daydreams

4. Active Bird Community – Pick Me Apart

5. The Growlers – Big Toe

6. Bring Me The Horizon – Throne

7. Black Lips – Noc-A-Homa

8. Nobunny – Gone For Good

9. The Orwells – Dirty Sheets

10. Sylar – Assume

11. Chvrches – Lies

12. Miniature Tigers – Sex On The Regular

13. Secrets – The Wild

14. Fidlar – Bad Habits

15. Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence

16. Marilyn Manson – The Dope Show

17. Black Lips (yes, again) – Can’t Hold On

18. Jeff Rosenstock – Wave Goodnight To Me

19. Chvrches – Leave A Trace

20. Len – Steal My Sunshine

21. The Ninjas – Yeah Yeah

22. The 1975 – The Sound

23. Fidlar – Cocaine

24. The Pink Spiders – Busy Signals

Now… Someone bring me a god damn McDonalds breakfast bagel. Happy birthday to me.


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Throwback – Warped Tour 2012

The final part of my Warped Tour throwbacks, unfortunately my camera got confiscated at the doors in 2011 so I don’t have pictures from that one, and 2012 actually got rained out so badly it was flooded, so I don’t have too many great pictures from this year. But I do have some so once again, and for the last time because I don’t have any pictures from 2013 or 2014, enjoy!

10181_10151545472925748_2027049922_nWhat better view first thing in the morning than a guy in a dick costume on stage?

602627_10150965735000748_311858852_nChelsea Grin to start the day. I actually left during the middle of their set to catch Memphis May Fire, and a girl ended up dying right near the stage on the lawn… Pretty fucked. They closed the stage down & all the bands who were supposed to perform on that stage all had their times shifted around, it was a messed up situation.

528092_10150965732770748_167602873_nChelsea Grin // Alex Koehler. Looking his best, clearly.

532290_10150965734010748_764891945_nI honestly didn’t get many pictures this year so here’s another Chelsea Grin one.

599844_10150965737515748_1012018085_nMemphis May Fire // Matty Mullins // Random shirtless boy.

3093_10150965737920748_1468011384_nMay Fire // Matty Mullins. Would have been an awesome picture had it been in focus and not featuring someones…hat?

394676_10150965736855748_895390464_nCreeper picture of Kellin Quinn during MMF. I was SOO in love with Kellin / Sleeping With Sirens and I saw him walking around later in the day, and I went up to him and was like “hi Kellin!” and he was all like “I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR PICTURES” and kept walking. True story. I almost cried.

523752_10150965740455748_1959238966_nBreathe Carolina again aka queens of Warped Tour.

293860_10150965741350748_902915934_nOkay you have to admit, this picture is pretty sick.

532319_10150965744630748_219518072_nFinally saw Pierce The Veil!

399491_10150965745000748_552214654_nPierce The Veil // Tony Perry. Giving me that hey-gurl-how-you-doin look.

534480_10150965750120748_1557082334_nEnded the day with Sleeping With Shitheads, I mean Sirens. I’m still bitter over you, Kellin.

553919_10150965754370748_226658809_nThe same face I made when Kellin rejected me earlier in the day. The end. 🙂


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Throwback – Warped Tour 2010

Continuing on with looking back at past Warped Tours, which is honestly getting me pumped for this years, here’s some of my pictures from 2010, which was my second Warped Tour. Enjoy!

39670_415784670747_5867151_nI have no idea why this is so small?! Always lovely to see Rob Dyer first thing in the morning.

39670_415784700747_6027116_nStarted the day off with some Whitechapel.

39670_415784780747_2544962_nWhitechapel // Phil Bozeman. I had my Nikon with me this year! So the pictures are a bit better!

38177_415786245747_2070933_nFollowed by some Suicide Silence, can’t go wrong!

37749_415786620747_3061692_nSuicide Silence // Mitch Lucker. I love this picture. Rest in peace.

37669_415789015747_3346431_nEnter Shikari! These guys are so much fun live.

39117_415788790747_2767993_nEnter Shikari // Roughton Reynolds. I haven’t listened to these guys in so long, definitely going to once I’m done this post! You should too.

36811_415789485747_692111_nOliver Sykes walking away after rejecting taking a picture with me. :~)

39700_415792495747_6118079_nA part of me will always love Bring Me The Horizon, scene kid 4 lyfe.

39791_415793330747_5631491_nLive performance pictures are so flattering!

37530_415793025747_6396692_nBring Me The Horizon // Oliver Sykes. I honestly loooove this picture. Cute as fuck.

39658_415819335747_3219463_nBreathe Carolina for the second year in a row!

37637_415820375747_1376811_nKyle Even LITERALLY crowd surfed!

38631_415819780747_1559326_nBreathe Carolina // David Schmitt. Honestly how could he see anything haha.

39218_415823540747_4784009_nOh god, this years pictures of me are even worse than lasts. Who knew that was even possible? Anyways, I got to meet David Schmitt!

37902_415823610747_7938594_nI then got to meet Mitch Lucker and it was the most awkward meeting of my life.

37902_415823615747_1008893_nYou can literally see me screaming for help on the inside of this picture. (Rip Mitch)

37902_415823620747_1207729_nBut then I met Vic Fuentes and everything was okay again.

38418_415823745747_6795894_nAnd then I awkwardly met Lights because she came up and asked if there was something in her teeth, no joke. I was like, holy shit, you’re Lights! *Takes awkward picture.*

38418_415823760747_2192906_nA creeper picture of Christofer Drew being the sassy bitch we all know he can be.

39231_415826700747_7026541_nI actually used to really love NeverShoutNever. Too bad he’s a douche now.

38560_415826875747_3098610_nHere’s a picture of his butt because why not.

37624_415831605747_4175811_nAnd then I saw Emmure! Hahah fuckin’ right!

39169_415832145747_2048459_nI met Frankie Palmeri after and he got his sweat all over me I remember, it was gross, but hilarious.

39169_415832155747_6659989_nRandomly ran into Lee Malia from BMTH before leaving and got an awkward picture with him too. 2010 was weird.

39169_415832175747_2051484_nAnd that’s the end of my second, and apparently awkward Warped Tour. 🙂


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New Wave Like Whoa

new wave playlist

Growing up I was a big fan of 80s music, but it wasn’t until my late teens that I really differentiated the genres and found out that my music-heart belonged to new wave.

Even though I’m still a scuzzy punk kid – both on the outside and in – new wave makes me really happy. I can’t even explain why, but it gets me grooving with a big goofy smile on my face whenever it turns on. (And I like that they’re all love songs.)

I was never a music snob, unlike so many other people I knew growing up. I’ve never been obsessed with celebrities, or hung up posters on my walls. I didn’t need to know every song or album title, the band’s full history or even their names. I just like listening to music. If it sounds good to me, I’ll listen to it; and if it doesn’t, well I won’t.

So I basically listen to every genre of music. I like songs from the 50s all the way until present time – I even listen to classical music and jazz now and then – and I can’t wait to share more of my favourite songs with you guys, but today I’m going to share my new wave playlist with you. I kind of listen it to more than other playlist I have.

Here’s 4 hours of new wave. You’re welcome.


So, what are some of your favourite new wave songs?


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The Best Documentaries on Netflix

best documtaries on netflix

Politics, nature, conspiracies and behind the scenes; Netflix has an array of documentaries with something for everyone.

My husband, Nick, is a huge fan of documentaries. While I wouldn’t consider myself a huge fan, there are some that really drew me in. Here is a list of my favourite documentaries that are available on Netflix.

Bettie Page Reveals All


I’ve been inspired by Bettie Page for years, and even have a portrait of her tattooed on my back.

If you’re not familiar with Bettie Page, she was one of the most infamous and influential pin-up models that ever lived. What I love about her so much was her free spirit, her vibrant and lively energy, and of course, she was just gorgeous – everything I would want to be as a woman.

Bettie Page Reveals All is one of the best documentaries on Netflix because it shows you the real Bettie Page, including a real interview voice over with Bettie.


i am divine

As a huge John Waters fan, I’m also a huge fan of Divine, but until I watched this documentary I really didn’t know much about her.

What has continued to draw me to John Waters work is how he shows a side of life that most people turn a blind eye to, but in a fun and exciting way. And what I love about Divine is that like John Waters, she was so unafraid to be herself, to be eccentric and out there, and without apologizing.

I AM DIVINE follows her life from childhood to death, and it is a very exciting and interesting film and is definitely one of the best documentaries on Netflix. At least, in my opinion it is.

The Punk Singer

the punk singer

I love the band Bikini Kill. I love riot grrrl music. And I love learning about that time when feminism was taking over the punk rock scene in a way it hadn’t before.

Punk Singer makes me want to run out and do something awesome! Write more zines, start a band, write a book! It’s super inspiring and I think every girl/woman should watch this little part of feminist history.

For No Good Reason

for no good reason

For No Good Reason s a documentary on Ralph Steadman, the dude who created the artwork for Hunter S. Thompson’s book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I watched it last year on Netflix and loved it!

It was released in 2012 and stars Johnny Depp as himself. Depp goes to visit Steadman and learn about his artwork and his creative process. Since I love Steadman’s artwork it was really interesting to learn more about him.

The Other F Word


The Other F Word is a super cute documentary about aging punk rock musicians who have become dads. It takes the viewer through each musicians own childhood and how they were introduced to the punk scene and how that affected them.

I love that it shows a side of rebellious individuals lives that most people either don’t really think about, ignore or look down on: parenthood. Because it is an interesting transition for someone to go from the rock’n’roll lifestyle to being a parent. I would have liked it more if they also shown punk mommies, though 🙂

So those are just a few of my favourite documentaries on Netflix.

What documentaries have you seen that really stood out?


Images via: Vancouver Weekly, Signature Reads, Movie Hits, The Frida Cinema and Chicago Now

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Top 10 Marilyn Manson Music Videos

marilyn-manson1-614x307    Photo via Aux.

My mom is going to slit my throat when she reads this, but a on March 4th, my friend and I bought meet & greet Marilyn Manson tickets. July 19, 2016 is the day I’m going to die and go to heaven, basically. I remember being super young, definitely still in elementary school, seeing Marilyn Manson music videos on Much Music and not being able to look away from them. I specifically remember sitting in front of the television, watching the music video for Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) and wondering if I would get in trouble if my mom caught me watching it.

Anyways, in celebration of me getting meet & greet tickets, here’s my top 10 favourite music videos that he has put out, in no particular order.

1. The Dope Show

Honestly The Dope Show is one of my favourite songs, I can’t help but want to wear 10 pounds of makeup, sprinkle glitter all over myself, and just fucking party when I listen to it. Which is almost how this video ends.

2. Dope Hat

This video is basically Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on some sort of drugs. It’s creepy, and slightly disturbing at times depending whats going on in the background. But at the same time, I bet you wont be able to look away.


This video has such a freak show kind of vibe, which I fucking live for. It also has Dita Von Teese in a giant martini glass, who wouldn’t like that? Also I totally want to be one of those dancing girls, just saying.

4. The Beautiful People

Freakishly tall, dress wearing, bald Marilyn Manson for president & dental care for everyone. ALSO THIS VIDEO WAS SHOT IN TORONTO, HAAAY!

5. (s)AINT

I kind of want to party with Manson in this video… Okay no I don’t… Well maybe a tiny part of me… This video is just really hot in the worst way possible.

6. The Nobodies

Maybe it’s just me, but I love the contrast between the red, rusty scenes compared to the blue, cold scenes. Also who doesn’t love a human pie every now and then?

7. Tourniquet

The first half of this video makes me cringe, so naturally I can’t stop watching it. I really do wish he still made videos like this and a few others on this list.

8. Personal Jesus

Honestly I just really love Manson’s makeup and how he looks in this video… and I may be slightly jealous of that baby for getting a kiss.

9. Coma White

This video includes a reenactment of the JFK assassination, with Manson being JFK, and he looks damn good in a suit. Sorry ’bout it.

10. Tainted Love

I’m sorry, I had to add this. He looks so good, and this is my favourite cover in the entire world. I jam to this so hard, no shame. Manson, please just love me. See ya July 19th baby.


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Throwback – Warped Tour 2009

When I was younger, I remember I wanted to go to Warped Tour more than anything. And I did go, 5 years in a row, although every year I became a little less excited about it. Last year, I didn’t even go. However, this year the line-up is wild, and as I’m sitting here planning my own trip to Auburn Hills, Michigan since there’s no Toronto date this year, I thought it would be funny to look back to my very first Warped Tour. Enjoy!

1924019_103198035747_84889_nStarted the day off with some The Devil Wears Prada!

1924019_103204525747_5028345_nFollowed by some 3OH!3. Whatever happened to them..?

1924019_103207875747_7102138_nUsed to be so in love with Breathe Carolina haha.

1924019_103207895747_2139410_nOh man, these throwback pictures of me are going to be pretty scary. Anyways, here’s me with Paul Griffiths, the creator of BBYCKS. He kissed me on the cheek after, I died.

1924019_103207935747_361460_nTDWP // I was so in love with Daniel Williams. This picture (still kind of) melts my heart.

1924019_103207955747_3723212_nTDWP // High-fiving Jeremy DePoyster.

1924019_103207985747_3961594_nRob Dyer attacking me with some unexpected hugs.

1924019_103208005747_7774416_nAnd then we looked like an awkward couple or something. Also got a kiss on the cheek from him haha.

1924019_103208000747_6542555_nWe did get a cute picture though!

1924019_103211330747_2251841_nAwkward cropped picture because I don’t know if my friend wants her picture on here. I still love Jeffree Star!

1924019_103211340747_381658_nAnd then I met The Millionaires, haha.

1924019_103225140747_1598054_nFinally watching some more bands, I saw Chiodos! Used to looooove them.

1924019_103225265747_358239_nSome guy held this up during Chiodos, haha.

1924019_103231615747_80979_nMet Shane Told from Silverstein (and the rest of the band).

1924019_103234480747_112465_nDirtiest picture of me ever but I met Craig Owens and I’m pretty sure I cried after.

1924019_103234495747_7740530_nThrowback to when Jeffree Star made music, haha.

1924019_103241965747_8276889_nAlso saw The Millionaires perform…

1924019_103241805747_3533871_nThey were fun.

1924019_103245760747_6954360_nLights! Used to be quite obsessed with her first album.

1924019_103245805747_5535037_nEnded the day with some Saosin!

1924019_103245820747_6601912_nAnd then I creeped Jeffree Star leaving as I left. The end. 🙂


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Zayn – Mind Of Mine

March 25th, 2016, marks a day in history: the day Zayn Malik dropped his solo record. As you all may know, I have/had a slight One Direction obsession. When I first heard Zayn’s song Pillowtalk, I wasn’t huge on it, but let me tell you, that shit grew on me helllaaaa hard, and now I’m obsessed. Alright. Mind Of Mine. Let’s do this, track by track.

35b1058f9ccfc69ddaadd33eee29c6c2.960x960x1Photo via Genius, you can also listen to the album on there!

1. MiNd Of MiNdd

Um yeah I honestly don’t really get this song, but it’s an intro so it’s not a big deal. It sounds kind of cool at the beginning, but it’s a little strange. I feel like it would sound a lot cooler opening up a concert rather than just an album, ya know?


Yes. YES. This song is my jam right now, I fucking love it. If you haven’t heard this song yet, go listen to it… Now. Like I’m sorry but how can this song not make you want to have sex? It’s a total sex song, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. I almost feel wrong listening to this on the bus to work as loudly as I do. I like this song more than I like most of the last One Direction album. Sorry ’bout it.

3. iTs YoU

Ooooh, this one is slow. Is that a organ in the background? I’m weirdly digging it. There’s something sort of weird about this song, it’s like slow but has a good beat, and then the chorus is super high pitched (not a bad thing). I don’t know why I think this would be chill to listen to high? I don’t even smoke weed, I don’t know why I can imagine smoking to this. I’m not a fan of slow songs in general, but I like this one.

4. BeFoUr

Oh I listened to this the other day on YouTube and really liked it! Not as much as Pillowtalk, but it’s still really good. The beat is super catchy. Definitely a party jam, like I want to dance on a couch with a red solo cup in my hand, half spilling everywhere, to this song. I can already feel that this song is going to grow on me more and more as I listen to it. Also Zayn is killing all these high notes, damn.

5. sHe

Okay what is with how all these song titles are spelled… Anyways. This one is really catchy as well, another good dancey-party-jammin song. This song reminds me of a few different ones, although I can’t think of which ones off the top  of my head right now. I don’t really like this weird, electronic part in the bridge. But the rest of it I could jam hard to. Whoah okay, the ending just totally changed and turned into a different song? That’s cool I guess, but I don’t really see the point.

6. dRuNk

Considering the title of this, I was expecting some hard drinking jam. But it’s actually kind of slow, and definitely a lot more chill than I was expecting. It’s not bad, but I’m not really digging it as much as I have the others. This is more “getting drunk in your bed alone with your cat” rather than “getting drunk with all your friends having a grand o’ time” kinda vibe.


Okaaay, this sounds a little strange. Wait, wait, this definitely isn’t english. Not that that’s a bad thing, just not my thing at all. Don’t think I’ll ever be listening to this song really, but other people may enjoy things like this!

8. rEaR vIeW

Back to some dancing kinda beats, I like the sound of this one so far. This one is pretty chill, but like an upbeat sort of chill. Does that make sense? I don’t really have much else to say about this one, I don’t mind it, but it’s not as good as some others.

9. wRoNg

Sex vibes. Don’t know why, just the beat, it’s a sex beat. Kinda goes back and forth – WHOAH WAIT THERE’S A GIRL ON THIS. Ohh, okay. Alright I like this girl. And this definitely became a sex song, but not with someone you love & care about. Like a one-night stand kind of sex song. I like it.

10. fOoL fOr YoU

A slow ballad. Oh man, is this a break up song? Is the sex over? His voice sounds really nice in the beginning, but I don’t really like how it sounds in the chorus? Slightly auto-tuned sound. But the rest of it is really good, I’ll probably get drunk and cry to this song at some point.

11. BoRdErZ

I don’t know why, but the beginning of this song had a kind of creepy vibe? The chorus is good, way better than the rest of the song. I’m having mixed feelings, some parts of this song I can jam to, and some parts I can’t. Maybe it will grow on me? Oh wait whats this weird like phone line noise at the end, I don’t like this.

12. tRuTh

I like the sort of deeper vocals on this, it’s different. It’s super mellow. Honestly I’m finding it hard to write different things about each song because in a way, they all sound very similar. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but lets just say I was more excited at the beginning of this post. And I still have 6 more songs.

13. lUcOzAdE

What the hell is this song even called? I really like the beat to this one. It’s a lot more upbeat than the past few, which I’m into. I could definitely dance to this one. Is it weird I really like when Zayn swears? It’s so hot for some reason. This song doesn’t really seem to have a chorus, which some people might not be into, but I don’t mind.

14. TiO

Another sex song, I don’t mind. Maybe when I actually have someone to have sex with, I’ll make them have sex with me to these songs. Then I’ll know he’s a keeper, right? This one is super up beat, I’m like boppin’ my head while I’m writing this, I think this might be one of my favourites.

15. BLUE

At this point Zayn seems to have given up on TyPiNg LiKe ThIs, finally. This one is really slow, especially compared to the one that came on before it. Honestly it’s sort of a buzzkill? Like I was just jamming hard and now I’m just like oh.. Alright.. Sitting here waiting for the next one to start. Too slow and ballady for me.


This one is kinda slowish, but not nearly as slow as the last one. It’s a chill slow. Oh wait it’s picking up, it’s sort of strange though. It’s not bad but I’m… Okay it just picked up in a different way, and I was about to say I wasn’t digging it, but now I am. Now I like this song, and the strange part doesn’t sound so strange anymore after the chorus, like it fits together now.


This one starts with him singing rather than a beat, and I think if I had my volume up really high, it would startle me haha. I like how it started, I don’t like these deep “ohs” in the background. OH HELL YES OH YES I REALLY LIKE THIS CHORUS. I WANNA DRINK AND DANCE AND SING AND JAM HARD TO THIS. YES. WHY IS THIS SO FAR INTO THE ALBUM!? Oh my god okay I love this one minus the weird deep ohs, but the rest of the song makes them worth it. This is a favourite for sure. Love love LOVE.


Honestly I want to listen to the last song again, but this one doesn’t sound bad. It’s upbeat and I could jam, but it’s literally about him being a fuckboy.
“I think I know she don’t love me, that’s why I fuck around”? I mean, do what you do Zayn, but just so you know, I’m available to fuck around with… I mean, what? Did I say that out loud? Okay as a still slightly bitter single lady, I think this could grow on me, I guess it’s not that bad. But the chorus kind of makes me laugh.

landscape-1454001740-zayn2Photo via Digital Spy.

Overall, I’m impressed. I really like most of the songs on this album, and there are a few I could definitely jam hard to and know I will end up obsessed with. Good job Zayn, proud of you, you little boy from Bradford.


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Why I Hate MTV’s “Suspect”

Recently MTV came out with a show called “Suspect”, I didn’t know much about it except for the fact Nev Schulman was one of the two hosts, who also hosts Catfish which I love, so I was excited to hear that he was going to be hosting another show. Until I found out what it was about, that is. Nev, I still love you, but I totally fucking disagree with this show. I’ll link the trailer below, in case you haven’t seen it, and/or have no idea what I’m talking about.


So basically this show is about Nev and his co-host iO exposing peoples secrets on fucking television. TELEVISION. I’m sorry, but ex-fucking-cuse me? Yes, lets be real, half of this is probably staged, I’m sure they got everyone’s consent, but that isn’t the point. I’ve watched the first half of the first episode, and the first half of another one, and just couldn’t finish them. I was sitting there, cringing, feeling so uncomfortable for the people on the show. I felt like I should be turning it off, because these people didn’t want their best friend / sister knowing their secret, why would they want millions of random ass people knowing it.

I’m going to create a fake scenario to explain what happens on this show. Say I was worried about Cole, but she didn’t want to tell me what was going on. So instead of accepting that, and accepting the fact that she’ll tell me when she’s ready, I contact MTV, Nev and iO, to help me LITERALLY FORCE THE SECRET OUT OF COLE. Is that not an invasion of privacy almost? They then would come out and meet with me, I would tell them I think Cole’s doing drugs or something, that I’m worried, and then they call her and make her meet up with us and tell us all, and the rest of the world her secret. Now as I said before, I’m sure these people agree to doing this, but just watching it… It’s such an awkward feeling. It doesn’t feel right.

I think the main reason why I disagree so much with this show is because I have been 100% in the situation where I knew something was wrong with one of my best friends, and it was a secret from me. It drove me crazy, constantly being worried and thinking the worst, wondering why I didn’t deserve to know. But I respected that, they were obviously going through more than I was not knowing the secret, and they did tell me eventually on their own. I believe I’m one of only like, 4 people who know. I couldn’t IMAGINE putting them in this situation, putting them in front of cameras, a crew, telling me their secret in front of everyone for literally EVERYONE to know. That idea would NEVER cross my mind. And honestly, if it were me keeping a secret from someone and they did that to me, they’d never have a chance at knowing what the secret was, because we wouldn’t be friends anymore after that.

mgid-ao-image-mtv“But Sarah… You mean you DON’T want your secret exposed on television?” (Photo via MTV.)

Nev Schulman honestly seems like an awesome guy in general, and if you haven’t checked out his show Catfish, I definitely would. That one is about people meeting people they’ve fallen in “love” with online, yet have never skyped or seen in person, and 90% of the time the person ends up being completely different. It can get pretty cray cray sometimes, to say the least. It started out as a documentary about Nev being “catfished” by a woman, and then turned into a television series. There are a lot of people who say that show is staged, which of course could be true, but I don’t even care, it’s damn hilarious sometimes. Unlike this new show, however. Honestly I’m disappointed he even came out with this, he seems like a genuinely nice guy, but hey, maybe I’m just totally taking the show the wrong way.

People deserve their privacy, and they deserve to be respected if they don’t want someone knowing something. If you have a friend who has something they’re hiding from you, chances are there’s a reason they’re keeping it from you, and if they’re a real friend, they will tell you when they’re ready and the time is right. You don’t need to contact a fucking television show on MTV of all channels to expose them and force it out of them. That just makes you a shitty friend, not them.


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