The Best Documentaries on Netflix

best documtaries on netflix

Politics, nature, conspiracies and behind the scenes; Netflix has an array of documentaries with something for everyone.

My husband, Nick, is a huge fan of documentaries. While I wouldn’t consider myself a huge fan, there are some that really drew me in. Here is a list of my favourite documentaries that are available on Netflix.

Bettie Page Reveals All


I’ve been inspired by Bettie Page for years, and even have a portrait of her tattooed on my back.

If you’re not familiar with Bettie Page, she was one of the most infamous and influential pin-up models that ever lived. What I love about her so much was her free spirit, her vibrant and lively energy, and of course, she was just gorgeous – everything I would want to be as a woman.

Bettie Page Reveals All is one of the best documentaries on Netflix because it shows you the real Bettie Page, including a real interview voice over with Bettie.


i am divine

As a huge John Waters fan, I’m also a huge fan of Divine, but until I watched this documentary I really didn’t know much about her.

What has continued to draw me to John Waters work is how he shows a side of life that most people turn a blind eye to, but in a fun and exciting way. And what I love about Divine is that like John Waters, she was so unafraid to be herself, to be eccentric and out there, and without apologizing.

I AM DIVINE follows her life from childhood to death, and it is a very exciting and interesting film and is definitely one of the best documentaries on Netflix. At least, in my opinion it is.

The Punk Singer

the punk singer

I love the band Bikini Kill. I love riot grrrl music. And I love learning about that time when feminism was taking over the punk rock scene in a way it hadn’t before.

Punk Singer makes me want to run out and do something awesome! Write more zines, start a band, write a book! It’s super inspiring and I think every girl/woman should watch this little part of feminist history.

For No Good Reason

for no good reason

For No Good Reason s a documentary on Ralph Steadman, the dude who created the artwork for Hunter S. Thompson’s book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I watched it last year on Netflix and loved it!

It was released in 2012 and stars Johnny Depp as himself. Depp goes to visit Steadman and learn about his artwork and his creative process. Since I love Steadman’s artwork it was really interesting to learn more about him.

The Other F Word


The Other F Word is a super cute documentary about aging punk rock musicians who have become dads. It takes the viewer through each musicians own childhood and how they were introduced to the punk scene and how that affected them.

I love that it shows a side of rebellious individuals lives that most people either don’t really think about, ignore or look down on: parenthood. Because it is an interesting transition for someone to go from the rock’n’roll lifestyle to being a parent. I would have liked it more if they also shown punk mommies, though 🙂

So those are just a few of my favourite documentaries on Netflix.

What documentaries have you seen that really stood out?


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5 John Waters Films You Must See

john waters films

Back in 2004 when I was just entering grade 9 I stayed up late to watch a special on midnight-movies. I don’t remember all of the movies mentioned, but I do remember these three: Eraserhead, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Pink Flamingos.

It was at this time that I first discovered John Waters and his work, and immediately fell in love with his sense of humour and view on life.

John Waters is an American director, screenwriter, actor and author (just to name a few of his many talents) from Baltimore, Maryland. His movies are shocking, raunchy, and humourous, but it’s not just the perverse comedy that I find entertaining; his movies have morals to their stories.

“I thought underground movies were controversial. They broke barriers. They caused trouble. They had beatniks and hippies—a world I wanted to be in.” – John Waters (The Dissolve, 2014)

Top 5 John Waters Films

1. Pink Flamingos


Pink Flamingos is about Divine, an underground criminal who goes by the name Babs Johnson, and her bizarre family – an egg-loving mother named Edie and her son named Cracker – who compete against two jealous rivals, Connie and Raymond Marble, for the title of “The Filthiest People Alive.”

This movie caused a lot of controversy when it was released in 1972 due to it’s high number of perverse acts, but I think that’s one of the reasons it became so popular. I know it’s one of the reasons I love it!

Another reason I loved this movie when I first watched it was because I had never seen anything like it before (I was 14). It opened my eyes and my mind to a lot of things in the world I hadn’t known about, and for that I’m grateful. I mean, yeah, it’s kind of disgusting, but it’s supposed to be, and it does it in a way that’s funny and unapologetic.

Waters brings up some issues in the movie that might be a sore spot for some people, but I’ve always believed we should be able to find the humour in horrible events without condoning them. It’s the only way I can get through life myself.

So if you enjoy movies that are extremely weird, and disgusting, then Pink Flamingos might just be for you. Of course, you can’t be easily offended or you won’t enjoy this John Waters film.

2. Hairspray


A lot of people know Hairspray as either the Broadway musical or the 2007 adaptation starring many famous actors like John Travolta, Amanda Bynes, Michelle Pfieffer, Christopher Walken, etc., but it was originally released in 1988.

Hairspray is about an overweight girl named Tracy Turnblad who – despite the  show’s reigning queen Amber Von Tussle – gets to become a regular dancer on the teen dance show The Corny Collins Show. What starts out as a story about her road to fame, eventually leads to Tracy and her friends rallying against racial segregation.

This movie touches on a lot of issues ranging from body shame, to fashion and conformity, and even racism.

Hairspray is a totally different movie from Pink Flamingos, both in context and rating; Hairspray was his first PG rated film, whereas before that all of his movies had been rated X.

If you haven’t seen the original, do so! This is a great movie that everyone can enjoy.

3. Pecker


Pecker is about an 18-year-old boy nicknamed Pecker who enjoys taking pictures of his friends and family. His photographs are discovered by a New York art dealer, who then turns him into an art sensation.

After Pecker has been “discovered” he realizes that fame has a lot of downsides to it, so he decides to do things his own way and live the life he likes.

This movie came out in 1998 and stars Edward Furlong and Christina Ricci. It’s an adorable movie about following your heart and staying true to yourself.

4. Cry-Baby


Cry-Baby stars Johnny Depp as the leader of a gang of delinquents who call themselves “drapes”. Wade “Cry-Baby” ends up falling in love with a “square” named Allison which causes quite a bit of turmoil in the town and a riot breaks out between the two groups. Cry-Baby ends up in the penitentiary when he’s blamed for starting the riot between the drapes and the squares.

It’s obviously a love story set in the 1950s between two people from opposite sides of the track. Although it’s not the most original story plot, it is a fun musical to watch and listen to.

5. Female Trouble


This was one of his earlier films, a dark comedy dedicated to Charles “Tex” Watson who inspired the theme of the movie: “crime is beauty”.

Female Troubles is about a teenage girl named Dawn (played by Divine), who drops out of school and runs away from home only to get knocked up her first night on her own. She then has to support herself and her daughter, Taffy,  by working a variety of jobs including a job as a stripper.

The story just escalates from there, as you can imagine. Through this film Waters gives us a glimpse into a rather troubling world of drug addiction, abuse,  and rebellion, all while telling the world to shove their beauty standards.

Just like with Pink Flamingos, I do highly recommend this movie, but if you’re easily offended than you might want to reconsider. Reconsider being easily offended, that is.

What are your favourite John Waters films?


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The Brave Little Toaster

the brave little toaster

Okay so this is my favourite movie, ever. I can literally say the lines of the movie as it’s playing. Technically I don’t think this is a Disney movie, but more a film Disney bought the rights too? I’m not sure, but it says “Disney presents” on the box, so it’s going under Disney movies.

Deal with it.

So like I said, this is my actual favourite movie. I make EVERYONE watch it with me at some point or another. It’s almost become a thing where it’s like, if I haven’t forced you to watch The Brave Little Toaster with me yet, are we even real friends? I actually never even owned this movie as a child, but I remember renting it from Blockbuster (r.i.p.) a bunch of times and always liking it. There are a few sequels too, like “The Brave Little Toaster Goes To Mars” and “The Brave Little Toaster To The Rescue” but nothing is as good as the original. I bought this on DVD from HMV for $5, I was in line to buy something else and they had it on display right at the registers, and I pretty much screamed in the store because I always loved it and never owned it, and there it was in my face for hella cheap. It was a beautiful moment.

Anyways this post is literally just going to be me writing about the movie and what happens so if ya haven’t seen it, don’t read anymore. Unless ya really want to, I can’t stop you. Also I apologize that all the gifs are different sizes, I have no idea how to resize them.

So our story begins at a cottage and focuses on a toaster, lamp, radio, blanket, and vacuum, Kirby. I always thought it was weird that only the vacuum had a name, but apparently Kirby is a type of vacuum. I literally just found that out because I googled it as I’m writing this, learn something new everyday right?

Feelin’ toaaasssttyyyy.

So they all wake up in the morning, clean around the cottage, and wait for the day their “master” returns. One thing I should mention is that you notice a lot of kind of inappropriate jokes and quotes in this movie that you wouldn’t have gotten as a kid. Like maybe it’s just me but I thought it was kind of weird they called the kid their master, but maybe that’s just me over thinking things. We learn that it’s been a while that the master and his family and come to the cottage, and all our appliance friends are lonely, especially blankie who has the most annoying fucking cry ever. Thank god you only hear it twice in the beginning of the movie. This air conditioner asshole thinks its fun to laugh at them, and he gets in a little argument with our gang. At one point he literally asks Kirby if he’s going to suck him to death. Yup, so that happens. Anyways, our gang basically just tells him he’s just jealous that the master never played with him, which clearly seems true because he gets all pissy and ends up blowing himself up.

This was terrifying as a child.

Also at some point blankie hallucinates the master coming home, which is also a little terrifying.

I wish that gif wasn’t so small so you could see how terrifying it is. Okay, moving on. Some moving guys come and put a for sale sign on the yard. So our gang decides they’re going to go to the city and find their master. They’re a little hesitant at first, but radio has some good words of wisdom.

So off they go into the big world, all piled on top of Kirby who keeps himself going by plugging himself into some portable battery kinda thang. He also refers to grass as shag carpet. They sing a song, it’s fab. Kirby has to empty his vacuum bag at one point and goes behind a tree, blankie tries to sneak a peak, toaster smacks him and gives blankie a dirty look. Blankie you fricken perv. They end up in a pretty flowery area with a pond, opera singing frog, dancing fish, and some mice that are lovin’ up on blankie so obv everything is smooth sailin’.

WELL IT AIN’T because next thing you know our poor friends end up in some terrifying woods at night, it’s dark and stormy. Blankie creates a tent for everyone to huddle in, and lamp notices toaster being extra nice to blankie and basically makes some comments implying toaster is gay for blankie. And then toaster has a nightmare that literally gave other children nightmares everywhere.


They wake up to blankie being blown away by the storm. Lamp tries to shine his light up into the trees, but he plugs himself into Kirby’s battery thing to find out it’s gone dead. So he holds his head up high, and gets struck by lightning in order to create more energy for the battery. He survives, they find blankie in a tree in the morning and get him down. They continue on with their adventure, and come across a waterfall. Since Kirby is turned on since he’s plugged into the battery, he freaks out and starts choking on his own wire. He also survives.

But toaster fucks up and freaks out crossing the waterfall and they all end up falling down it since they tied themselves together to cross the waterfall. They end up in another weird creepy wooded area, and Kirby falls into a muddy quicksand kinda pit, and since they’re all tied together they all slowly sink in after him. Radio is the last to go in, and raises his antenna high into the air while playing a song. Luckily for them, a man was passing through the area and grabs radio out of the pit, as well as the others, and throws them into the back of his truck. Unluckily for them, the man owns a used parts store and literally takes apart appliances and sells everything separately. Our nice friends mean some kind of… strange new friends.


They escape by making themselves look like a ghost and freaking the shit out of the owner man. They go zoomin down a hill and all of a sudden are in the city. They ask a street light the way to their masters house and end up there. Now, the master (Rob) is a lot older now and is getting ready for college, and we learn he actually went up to get all our friends for his dorm while they were on their way to the city. All his new appliances are jealous that he doesn’t want to take them, so they literally throw them all out the window into the dump truck. The television knows all of our appliances since he used to be in the cottage as well, so when Rob comes home, he makes sure to put adds on the screen for appliances sales but uses the dumps address, which Rob’s girlfriend notices and believes to actually be a sale place. The dump is full of broken cars who then sing the most depressing song about being worthless and one song literally sings about a man committing suicide but I mean that’s normal for a kids movie right? Also there’s a big metal thing that hangs in the air that picks up items and places them on a moving belt to get smashes into tiny bits.

Rob recognizes his appliances right away and grabs them all, but the metal thing sucks them all up and places them onto the conveyor belt where Rob gets trapped underneath some heavy metal. His girlfriend is literally walking around like “Robbb where ya at” completely clueless. Toaster then jumps off the belt into the gears to stop the machine and save Robs life. The movie ends with Rob fixing a now beaten up toaster and leaving for college with our gang happily in his trunk.

AND THERE YA HAVE IT FOLKS. THE BRAVE LITTLE GOD DAMN TOASTER. Honestly though this movie is great. It’s pretty strange at times but that’s why it’s my ultimate favourite. Also the songs are super catchy. I’ve never met someone who loves this movie as much as I do so if you are out there, somewhere, toaster lover, please leave a comment and lets be best friends. xx

Also heres a review on the movie that made me laugh!


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Top 10 John Waters Quotes

john waters

John Waters is my favourite person ever!

He inspires me to be my true self flaws and all! Not only to be myself, but to accept others as well. It is my personal belief that as long as a person is not hurting anyone else, than let them be them, without judgement.

John Waters also has an incredible way of not only acknowledging the differences between humans, but celebrating them. Through his books and movies he shows a side of humanity that most people choose to ignore, or turn their nose up to – like “Lady Zorro”, a butch, lesbian stripper from Baltimore that would insult the audience (mentioned on page 132 of Role Models) – but in a way that doesn’t condemn or shame them, and I love that. His attitude towards life – relationships, art and fashion, and everything else – puts him at the top of my own role models list.

Here are a few things he’s said in books and magazine articles that I find admirable.

john waters coloured

10 Top John Waters Quotes

“We need to make books cool again. If you go home with somebody and they don’t have books, don’t fuck them.” (This Filthy World, 2007)

“’How could you think of such awful things?’ liberal critics always ask. ‘How else could I possibly amuse myself?’ I always wonder.” (Shock Value, 1981)

“Good bad taste is celebrating something without thinking you’re better than it… Bad bad taste is condescending, making fun of others.” (Rookie, 2012)

“Maybe it’s time that we use humor for political actions. If there’s a local politician against gay marriage, let’s send scary drag queens to his house to yell fashion insults at his wife.” (Outfest, 2012)

“I learned a long time ago, only an amateur answers his critics. Read the bad reviews once, the good ones twice, and put them all away and never look at them again.” (The Nervous Breakdown, 2011)

“I always say to kids, with fashion, that they shouldn’t be wearing designer clothing — they should copy it. Go to the thrift shop and buy the worst thing that the coolest kid in school would never wear. It’ll be the thing that’s the most ‘out.’ Buy it and turn it into something that’s funny and witty. Fashion is confidence. If you can get away with wearing it, it’s a new style.” (Rookie2012)

“To me, bad taste is what entertainment is all about. If someone vomits while watching one of my films, it’s like getting a standing ovation. But one must remember that there is such a thing as good bad taste and bad bad taste.” (Shock Value, 1981)

“You know, before I was paid to be a writer, people thought I was crazy to just go on these little missions of things that would interest me. But now that I get paid to do it, people say, ‘Oh how interesting.’ So, I think that’s really the difference between being a writer and a crackpot.” (DanteNet, 1986)

“Remember that a no is free. Ask for what you like, and get used to being turned down. Rejection is hard, but to get acceptance you have to put up with a lot of rejection. If you really like something, don’t ever think, Can I do this? If you think Can I?, you won’t. You have to say, ‘I’m gonna do this, and nobody’s gonna stop me!’ But you have to believe that, you can’t just say it. It might take really a long time, because people never say you’re good at first. Or if they do, you’re a flash in the pan and it’s over.” (Rookie, 2012)

“I’d never trust anyone who hadn’t spent at least one night of his youth in the local jail. The more hell you raise as a teen-ager, the sweeter your memories will be.” (Shock Value, 1981)

“You have to take some risks when you’re a kid to find out who you are. You just have to learn which risks are safe and which are self-destructive. Everybody does weird stuff. As you get older, I believe if you’ve never been allowed to do all that weird shit, then you make it into some kind of obsession that you’re too old to have!” (Rookie, 2012)

john waters quote


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