Getting My Palm Tattooed

They say your palm is one of the most painful places to get tattooed – and boy oh boy, they weren’t fucking lying.

On May 16th I got my left palm tattooed. I had the idea for a while, had some birthday money, and my lovely friend/artist Rosario (@thewolfrosario) had some time that evening, so I figured fuck it, why not!? Luckily for me, Rosario is a fast tattooist and the whole thing took less than 10 minutes but let me tell ya, it felt like so much longer than that. Hands down the most painful spot I’ve ever gotten tattooed so far. It’s been about an hour since I got it and it’s still throbbing and in so much pain, lord sweet baby jesus help me. Here’s some pictures of the process!

Okay so yeah honestly this fucking sucked to get done, easily my most painful tattoo. I wanted to tap out so badly. I almost did tap out after the heart, before the lace part, but another tattooist in the shop & Rosario starting yelling at me that “I needed the frills! Did I wanna be a No Frills!? Was I a grocery store!?” so I toughed through it all. Luckily for me at least, the whole thing took under 10 minutes, but I tell ya, it was the worst 10 minutes ever.

May 16th 11:17PM – I’m trying to fall asleep and I can feel my hand fucking pulsing. PULSING. SOS.

May 17th 6:00AM – Just randomly woke up, cool. Hand still hurts like a bitch, cool.

May 17th 8:15AM – Got out of bed and took the bandage off and sweet lord this hurts too much for life still.

May 17th 9:40AM – Well damn, I have to say once the bandage was off the pain went away fairly quickly! Only really hurts now when I kind of squeeze my hand together.

So, here I am finishing this post on June 4th, about 3 weeks after getting it done. The pain went away pretty quickly, but oh god, did it ever get fucking itchy during the healing process. I’d say at this point its almost fully healed, with just a few scabs and dry spots left. It did bleed out in some spots, which was probably caused by me over washing it at work, but you only really notice it close up. I thought the healing would take a lot longer, especially since I handle vintage clothing almost everyday (hence washing my hands a lot), but I made sure to keep my hand as clean as I could. As soon as it was finished, I was telling myself and everyone else that I would never get my other palm done, but honestly? I probably would, despite the pain. I think they’re cute as hell, and I think mine is definitely one of the cutest ones I’ve seen.

I feel like a lot of people think its weird that I got my palm done. I don’t have sleeves, my hands, or my knuckles. Compared to a lot of people, I don’t have many tattoos at all, and a lot of people who do don’t even have their palm done. So why did I choose this placement? I just have had the idea for a while and as I said, I think they’re cute as hell. I decided to get “wish you were here” for two reasons. One, I love holding hands, especially when I’m drunk. I will make anyone I’m with hold hands with me especially if we’re walking somewhere, so its kind of a joke towards myself. The other reason is that I have a lot of long distance friendships, and my last few relationships have been long distance, and I just always find myself wishing that I had someone with me. It isn’t towards anyone in specific, and when I look at it I don’t just think of one person – I think of all the people I would want here with me that are too far away.

I wouldn’t recommend a palm tattoo for everyone. For one, they really do fucking hurt, and I think I have a fairly decently high pain tolerance to getting tattooed. But also the fact that they are known to usually fade quite a lot, so that’s a risk you have to be willing to take. No matter what tattoo you plan on getting I would always recommend doing your research first, especially if you’re new to tattoos!

Huge thank you to Rosario again for my cute new piece, you can check out his Instagram here!


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