17 Goals For Summer 2017

1. Eat healthier. Ever since I moved into my own place in April, I’ve been trying my best to eat healthier in general. Almost only homemade food, lots of fruit and vegetables, and no frozen meals. While I think I’ve been doing pretty well, I could definitely be doing better. Two of my guilty pleasures are nachos and pizza pops, so I’m going to attempt to not eat those all summer. (Well… Maybe nachos, just not at home.)

2. Attempt a raw diet for a week (again.) I did this before and I failed pretty hard, although to be fair I did attempt it on period week, so I let chocolate get the best of me. However I did enjoy having smoothie bowls every morning and an insane amount of raw fruit in the house. I sort of gave up after 4 days, but I have to admit while I did get hangry (which is a normal side effect at first) I definitely felt more awake throughout the day with more energy, and overall just felt better.

3. If I can afford it, buy a bike. While I don’t know much about bikes, I know my dream bike would be pastel blue with a basket and I’d name her Babs Johnson. Unfortunately I can’t afford a brand new bike at all, so if I can afford a used one for a decent price, I should get it and save up for the one I really want. Currently I walk almost everywhere, which for the most part I enjoy, but a bike would be a whole lot faster, and would be able to take me further.

4. Have a picnic. I’ve been wanting to take someone on a picnic date for YEARS. Sandwiches, vodka lemonades, watermelon. In a cute setting like in a park or on the beach and depending on the time, we can watch the sunset. C’mon, lets be real, that would be a fucking cute date.

5. Watch the sunrise. Yo straight up, I’m a grandma and most nights I’m asleep by 10-11pm. I rarely stay up late unless I’m drinking with people. Not that you have to stay up all night to watch the sunrise, but knowing the people I know, that would most likely be the case. I can’t see any of my friends being down to come over at like, 5am just to watch the sunrise. I live almost right beside a large park, so it would be nice to just be there and watch it and then grab breakfast or some shit. I fucking love breakfast.

6. Bring my cat to Toronto. My cat is my baby and I miss the shit out of him. I have no clue if living here would work for him, but hey, you don’t know until you try.

7. Go to Buffalo. One of my best friends who I haven’t seen in two years recently moved to Buffalo, New York and I NEED to go visit him. I miss and love him beyond words and I seriously can’t wait for us to be reunited at last. (Devon if you see this – I love you!!)

8. Go to that red canoe in Toronto. I only found out about this spot last summer and for some reason I want to go so badly. I mean, it’s probably kinda grimey and I’m sure a lot of people have had sex on it, but I still think it would be a semi-cute place to hangout with someone if you ignored that part of it.

9. Go to the Toronto Island. I haven’t been to the Toronto Island since I was in elementary school. I think it would be super fun to go there and spend the night, with some drinks and a bonfire. I have a friend who’s done that, and ever since she told me about her time, I’ve wanted to do that as well.

10. Get a new tattoo. I like tattoos so why not. I feel like this is always a goal of mine anyways but WHATEVER.

11. Go somewhere new. Last summer I took myself to Auburn Hills, Michigan for Warped Tour and it was such an adventure. I don’t really have anyone to visit that lives somewhere I haven’t been (that I could afford to visit at least) but I love going to new places, even if they were to end up being lame as fuck, the excitement of knowing you’re somewhere new makes up for it.

12. Go swimming. I haven’t been swimming in two years, might as well make it a goal.

13. Take myself on a date to the museum. I don’t know why people always think the museum is boring, I think it’s interesting as hell, but no one ever wants to go. I mean yeah it is kind of expensive, but it’s not like you’re going all that often. I took my ex to the museum and I was so excited, but he was so boring and it sucked. I need to learn to do more things on my own and stop getting so weirded out about being alone in public.

14. Go to the zoo. I haven’t been to the zoo since I was in grade 2. My ex took me to one in his town for my 22nd birthday, but it was super ghetto and small. I have been telling people I want to go to the zoo for years, but its just never happened. I JUST WANNA SEE SOME POLAR BEARS MAN.

15. Go to a few “local” shows. When I was growing up I used to be at EVERY local show that there was in Missisauga. I love going to shows and seeing live music, and I want to get back into the habit of listening to and supporting small local bands. Plus its a great way to meet some new people.

16. Go to a drag show. My friend and I have been talking about doing this for months, and I think it would be a fucking blast.

17. Overall, become a healthier and better version of myself. Stop focusing on the negatives in life. Be more positive, be thankful for the things that I have. Attempt to not drink so much. Be as honest with myself as I am with other people. Cut out people who have a negative influence on my life. Focus on friendships that actually mean something. Avoid drama and people who cause it. Just be better in general.

Lets see if I can actually make some of these happen.


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